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Hopefully in this section you will find answers to most of your questions!

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What is ChargeBolt?

For Businesses: ChargeBolt provides a network of portable charger stations across London, we provide this service for FREE

For Customers: With ChargeBolt, you can charge on-the-go. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the station, download the app, register, and up pops a portable charger for your use. You’ll only be charged once you’ve returned the charger to any of our stations.

How to use ChargeBolt?

Scan the QR code with your camera, download the app and follow the instructions.

  1. Quick registration and inserting of your payment method allows you to stay connected with ChargeBolt

  2. Once you’ve borrowed the charger, your billing starts

  3. Return the charger at any ChargeBolt station, and the billing ends

SAfety first…

We’re the only portable charging solution company in the UK with MFI Approved (Apple Approved Hardware) and CE Verified (EU) cables.

Oops! my charger isn’t working…

Return the charger to the station within 3 minutes to avoid charges and get in touch with a member of our team on 0800 0291 699

help! The station is too full…

Check the app for the nearest station so that you are able to return your charger. 

I want to rent a charger, but there are no chargers in the station. What do i do?

Check the app for directions to the nearest station. Our app will let you know if chargers are available at a location near you.

I’ve lost my portable charger

Call us on our freephone at 0800 0291 699 and we’ll end the session.

Still waiting for your verification code?

Double check you’ve got strong signal. If the code still hasn’t come after 60 seconds, contact our support team on 0800 0291 699

Where can i check my bill?

Once you open the app, tap ‘Boltage’ on the sidebar. Alternatively, the price bar at the bottom of the home page will show your billing session.

I can’t return my portable charger…

Having problems returning your portable charger? Our support team will assist you, call a member on 0800 0291 699

Help, I’m being charged but I can’t take the charger…

Has your billing started without the charger unlocking from the station? Immediately call our freephone at 0800 0291 699 and we’ll assist you.


At £0.99p +VAT per hour, you can start charging, with a daily cap of £4.95 + VAT for 6 days. After this, you can keep the portable charger!

Worst case scenario…

If you have picked up a faulty charger at your station, please give us a ring on 0800 0291 699 and we’ll be ready to help